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ERC086 The Stooges - Fun House

The Stooges, originally billed as The Psychedelic Stooges and later known as Iggy and the Stooges, were formed in 1967 out of a chance meeting between James Osterberg (Iggy Pop) and brothers Ron and Scott Asheton at Discount Records in Ann Arbor, Michigan. USA. With the addition of Dave Alexander, a friend of the Asheton brothers, on bass, the band quickly became known locally for their raw live performances and Iggy‘s provocative stage antics.

In 1968, Elektra Records sent DJ and publicist Danny Fields to scout the MC5, which led to contracts for both the MC5 and The Stooges. The following year The Stooges released their self-titled debut album; sales were low and it was not well received by critics at the time. For their second album and final record for the label, founder and head of Elektra; Jac Holzman recruited former Kingsmen keyboardist Don Gallucci to produce.

Initially doubtful about capturing their live energy on tape, Gallucci and the band decided to tear down all soundproofing and discard any isolation methods to emulate their live performances as closely as possible. This approach, along with the addition of saxophonist Steve Mackay, resulted in a raw sound that contrasted sharply with the more polished fashionable productions of their contemporaries.

In 1970 The Stooges released “Fun House,” which despite its initial commercial failure has since been recognised as a groundbreaking masterpiece. Its primal sounds and fearless embrace of rawness transcended traditional rock, jazz, and even the emerging punk genre. “Fun House“ remains a timeless and essential listening experience, influencing countless punk and alternative bands in the decades that followed.

Cut directly from the original analog master tapes, through our unique all valve 1965 Ortofon / Lyrec vinyl cutting system in stereo. No equalisation, compression or another processing was added during the cutting process.

All sleeve artwork  letter-pressed and hand made.

This edition of 450 copies is priced at £395.00 UK pounds. Order here.

ERC sleeve.

ERC gatefold sleeve.

ERC inner sleeve and vinyl.

ERC sleeve and vinyl.

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